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Associate Professor
659 Patterson Office Tower

Areas of Expertise

  • Aging
  • Persons diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias (ADRDs)
  • Persons living alone with ADRD
  • ADRD rural caregiver interventions
  • Workplace issues for persons with ADRD
  • Clinical trials
  • Implementation research
  • Social work’s role in emergency services and crisis intervention
  • Disaster preparedness and response

Highlighted Publications

  • Kusmaul, N., Cheon, J., & Gibson, A. (2021). A policy mapping analysis of the U.S. Congressional approach to medical aid-in-dying. OMEGA – Journal of Death and Dying.
  • Lindauer, A., Messecar, D., McKenzie, G., Gibson, A., Wharton, W., Bianchi, A, Tarter, R., Tadesse, R., Boardman, C., Golonka, O., Gothard, S., & Dodge, H. (2021). The Tele-STELLA protocol: Telehealth-based support for families living with later-stage Alzheimer’s disease. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 77(10), 4254-4267.
  • Bardach, S., Rhodus, E., Parsons, K., & Gibson, A. (2021). Older adults’ adaptations to the call for social distancing and use of technology: Insights from Socioemotional Selectivity Theory and lived experiences. Journal of Applied Gerontology, 40(8), 814-817.
  • Bardach, S., Gibson, A., Parsons, K., Stauffer, A., & Jicha, G. (2021). Rural caregivers: Identification of informational needs through telemedicine questions. Journal of Rural Health, 37(2), 406-411.
  • Rhodus, E.K., Bardach, S.H., Abner, E.L., Gibson, A., & Jicha, G.A. (2020). CoVID-19 and geriatric clinical trial research. Aging Clinical and Experimental Research, 32(10), 2169–2172.
  • Bardach, S.H., Gibson, A., Rhodus, E.K., & Jicha, G.A. (2020). Will ‘social distancing’ lead to future ‘research distancing’: A reflection on COVID-19 impacts on Alzheimer’s disease research. Alzheimer’s & Dementia: Translational Research & Clinical Intervention, 6(1), e12045.
  • Wallace, C.L., Wladkowski, S.P., Gibson, A., White, P. (2020). Grief during the COVID-19 pandemic: Considerations for palliative care providers. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, 60(1), e70-e76.
  • Gibson, A., Bardach, S.H., & Jicha, G.A. (2020). Identifying adaptive and maladaptive behaviors following a diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment. Alzheimer’s Disease & Associated Disorders, 34(3).
  • Gibson, A., Wladkowski, S.P., Wallace, C.L., & Anderson, K.A. (2020). Considerations for developing online bereavement support groups. Journal of Social Work in End-of-Life and Palliative Care, 16(2), 99-115.
  • Bardach, S., Parsons, K., Gibson, A., & Jicha, G. (2020). “From victimhood to warriors:” Super-researchers’ insights into Alzheimer’s disease clinical trial participation motivations. The Gerontologist, 60(4), 693-703.
  • Gibson, A. (2019). Climate change for individuals experiencing homelessness: Recommendations for improving policy, research, and services. Environmental Justice, 12(4).
  • Gibson, A., Fields, N.L., Kusmaul, N., Greenfield, J., Wladkowski, S.P., & Mauldin, R.L. (2019). What can an evaluation of the AGESW Predissertation Fellows Program tell us about the mentoring needs of doctoral students? Journal of Gerontological Social Work, 62(8), 852-866.
  • Gibson, A., Holmes, S.D., Fields, N.L. & Richardson, V.E. (2019). Providing care for persons with dementia in rural communities: Informal caregivers’ perceptions of supports and services. Journal of Gerontological Social Work, 62(6), 630-648.
  • Richardson, V.E., Fields, N., Won, S., Bradley, E., Gibson, A., Rivera, G. & Holmes, S.D. (2019). At the intersection of culture: Ethnically diverse dementia caregivers’ service use. Dementia, 18(5), 1790-1809.

Current Projects

  • Supporting Each Other (SEO): An in-home biopsychosocial intervention for persons living alone with cognitive impairment.
  • Creating Harmony at HOME (H@HOME): A pilot study of a telehealth-based program for rural caregivers’ ability to adapt home environments for adults with ADRD. Pilot funded by the Emory Roybal Center for Dementia Caregiving Mastery and the National Institute of Aging.
  • Using technology to support care partners for persons with Alzheimer’s disease: Tele-STELLA. Funded by the National Institute of Health/National Institute of Aging, R01AG067546.
  • A novel social work and music therapy telehealth framework to promote older adult wellbeing: A proof-of-concept pilot. Funded by the University of Kentucky’s Igniting Research Collaborations Grant.
  • The U24 Cooperative Agreement to develop a state-of-the-art Alzheimer Clinical Trial Consortium (ACTC) to support the conduct of academic clinical trials across the continuum of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Funded by the National Institute of Health/ National Institute on Aging. U24 AG057437.
  • University of Kentucky Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center Clinical/Research Core. Funded by the National Institute of Health/ National Institute of Aging, RFA-AG-21-019.
  • Platform-based MCI trial to address maladaptive behaviors. University of Kentucky’s Center for Clinical and Translational Science & Sanders-Brown Center on Aging Pilot Grant.

Alma Mater

  • The Ohio State University – PhD in Social Work with a Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization in Aging