Wren Margaret Elam & Evelyn J. Black Scholarship in Children’s Mental Health (BASW, MSW, Ph.D.)

Social Work Evelyn J. Black Memorial Fund (BASW, MSW, Ph.D.)

Martin Booth and Patsy Dills Tracy Scholarship (BASW, MSW, Ph.D.)

Social Work Advancement Fund (BASW, MSW)

College of Social Work Alumni Scholarship Fund (BASW, MSW)

Jaishree Bansal Memorial Scholarship (BASW; MSW)

Juvenile Accountability Scholarship (BASW, MSW)

Bernard A. & Marjorie E. Ward Scholarship in Gerontology (BASW; MSW)

Virginia Marsh Bell Scholarship (BASW, MSW)

John Henry & Bessie Puyear Ballantine Endowment Scholarship Fund (MSW; PhD)

Jewels in the Mountains Scholarship Endowment (MSW; PhD)

Allie Engle Miller Endowed Fund for Appalachian Social Work Research (MSW)

Elinda Bates Wing DREAM Scholarship Endowment (MSW)

The Beaven-Eidetik Research Fellowship in Developmental Disabilities and Mental Retardation (MSW)

Martha Davis Fellowship Fund (MSW)

Dorothy A. Miller Memorial Scholarship Fund in Social Work (MSW)

Beaven-Eidetik Doctoral Research Fellowship

Grace Adams & James P. “Ike” Adams, Jr. Scholarship Fund (BASW, MSW, Ph.D.)

Dumez Faculty Research Development Fund (BASW, MSW, Ph.D.)

Diana M. Fehr Memorial Scholarship (BASW, MSW)

Bright Family Scholarship for Youth Development (MSW, Ph.D.)

Crowe-Renaker Endowed Scholarship fund (BASW, MSW)

Elaine A. Wilson Scholarship Fund (BASW, MSW)

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