From The Director

Welcome to the University of Kentucky College of Social Work!

We are excited to have you on-board and look forward to sharing this journey with you. Our highly dedicated faculty and staff are here to challenge and inspire, guide and assist you throughout your graduate student career. We are committed to your success, both as students in our Master of Social Work program and as professional social work practitioners in whatever arena you may choose to practice.

Graduate education is both challenging and rewarding. It is a joint venture undertaken by educators and students collectively, and thus is most fulfilling when everyone comes together with a commitment to the learning process. The faculty of the UK College of Social Work will work diligently to assure we do our part in this collective enterprise. In addition, we know you will learn a great deal from one another, just as we will learn much from each of you. Embrace it all and you will complete your degree with an enriching educational, professional, and personal development experience that is unique to graduate education.

Thank you for choosing the University of Kentucky College of Social Work as your academic home. We are excited about working with you as you begin this new chapter in your personal journey.