Episode 23 – Social Work Conversations –  Holiday Survival Tips from the University of Kentucky College of Social Work Faculty and Staff

Episode 23 – Social Work Conversations – Holiday Survival Tips from the University of Kentucky College of Social Work Faculty and Staff

We talk with the faculty and staff of the University of Kentucky College of Social about their tips for surviving the holiday season. Thank you to all our listeners for a great year – Happy Holidays everyone!


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If you, or someone you know, are at risk for suicide, there are people who can help. We suggest one of the following:




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Blake Jones: [00:00:02] Hello and welcome to the Social Work Conversations podcast produced by the University of Kentucky College of Social Work. My name is Blake Jones. Here we explore the intersection of social work research practice and education. Our goal is to showcase the amazing people associated with our college and to give our listeners practical tools that they can use to change the world.

Blake Jones: [00:00:32] So here we are at the UK college of social work holiday party. You can probably hear the merriment in the background. We traveled around to our colleagues here faculty and staff and asked them for their tips about surviving the holidays. This is a stressful time for not only students but for faculty and staff as we wind up the semester so I hope you’ll take a listen to these tips that people are giving and I hope you all have a great holiday right now.

Katie Wilder: [00:01:10] My name is Katy Wilder. I’m an academic adviser. My tip is to say no and to have good boundaries. And if you have small children to keep them on a good sleep schedule.

Sheila Miracle: [00:01:23] My name’s Sheila Miracle and clinical faculty here at UK – my tip is to not do anything you don’t really want to do and relax and get sleep.

Erin Mayhorn: [00:01:36] My name is air horn. I am the PCWPC coordinator and my advice would be to not have expectations like I have to do list. 1 2 3 4. Just do what you can and enjoy the ride.

Sara Green: [00:01:53] Sarah Green MSW advisor. My advice would be to stay active. If that means volunteering or joining the other organizations and groups hanging out with family and friends things of that nature.

Karen Bowman: [00:02:07] Hi I’m Karen Bowman. I am the training specialist at the Training Resource Center. My tip for surviving the holidays is to make sure that you get enough rest.

Jessica Fletcher: [00:02:17] I’m Jessica Fletcher in the UK college of social work training resource center and my tip would be that you have some self-care whatever that looks like and especially if you’re fortunate enough to have a team of support and you hear in children that you carve out some time where somebody is with the kids and you get a reprieve. Whether that’s upstairs in the closet reading a book or walking around Target that you just make time for just you.

Natalie Pope: [00:02:42] My name is Natalie Pope. I’m an associate professor and I think my tip would just be you don’t feel like you have to do everything. Figure out a tradition or two that’s the most important to you. My family always went to go look at Christmas lights and ate at the Waffle House on Christmas Eve and played lots of Dolly Parton music on the jukebox. So pick a tradition or two and do that and feel great about it.

Stephanie Ratliff: [00:03:06] OK. My name is Stephanie Ratliff and my tip is to get up early in the morning and make yourself your favorite beverage for coffee or hot tea and just sit by yourself in your favorite room the house or in a room with the holiday lights and just have a few moments of peace before the day gets going.

Donna Hancock: [00:03:29] Donna Hancock – to focus on the reason for the holiday and not get caught up in all the materialistic things.

Sharon Hodge: [00:03:40] Sharon Hodge the tip for the holiday is remember it’s all about love. So if you don’t get something done let it go.

Chris Flaherty: [00:03:49] I am Chris Flaherty. I’m a faculty member here and my tips for you is avoid political and religious discussions. Stick with sports and weather.

Jason Johnston: [00:04:00] This is Jason Johnston director of Teaching and Learning in the College of Social Work. My holiday tip is to make sure you listen to some good music over the holidays.

Music Interlude: [00:04:09] . Acoustic music -with the song Snow, Snow and Mistletoe by Jordan Fox and Shelley Adams

Ann Vail: [00:05:00] Hello my name is Ann Vail – I’m the interim dean for the College of Social Work. My tip is to redirect people that are trying to engage you in an argument and don’t fall for the bait that they’re lying. If that doesn’t work then I usually get up and move on to another conversation.

Julie Cerel: [00:05:21] I am Julie Cerel I’m a clinical psychologist and faculty in the College of Social Work. One of the things at the holidays is that when people are alone and see all of the wonderful things going on around them sometimes people can feel isolated or sad. So the tip that I’d like to give is that National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1 800 273 8255 is always available as is Crisis Text Line which is 7 4 1 7 4 1.

Janet Doss: [00:05:52] Janet Doss – And I would recommend lots of mindfulness to survive the holidays.

Desha Scanlon: [00:05:59] I’m Desha Scanlon and I’m the field placement coordinator for the University of Kentucky’s College of Social Work. My advice for my holiday trip is to remember that whatever you’re feeling it’s totally ok. If you’re a little down that’s fine if you’re way up and you’re jolly as all get out. That’s fine to say no when you want to say yes when you want to. It’s all good.

Sarabeth: [00:06:23] Hi I’m Sarah Beth. And my tip is to be sure that you smile and you answer crazy questions from your nephew about Star Wars.

Harriett Hendren: [00:06:35] Hi Harriett Hendren I would say just keep in touch with family or friends or just someone you love to reach out to them.

Pam Weeks: [00:06:46] Pam Weeks and I’m the director of field education and associate professor to just enjoy the holidays enjoy friends and family and don’t stress over the small things.

Jarod Giger: [00:06:58] Jarod Giger associate professor of College of Social Work. As the holidays are upon us I think one of the best strategies or strategies that I try to adhere to is moderation and moderation in terms of everything whether it’s interactions with family members stress food other types of activities. I think that’s the best thing to stay balanced throughout the holidays.

Kalea Benner: [00:07:26] Hi this is Kaley Binner mightn’t for the holiday to remember yourself. We get busy taking care of other people that sometimes we forget us but be sure and include yourself in the holidays have a good one.

All: [00:08:11] Happy Holidays from the UK College of Social Work!

Blake Jones: [00:08:11] You’ve been listening to the social work Conversations podcast. Thanks for joining us. And now let’s move this conversation into action.

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