“The more things change, the more they stay the same” comes to mind when contemplating the challenges social workers face. Difficult social problems have existed since the beginning of time and formally addressing these problems began more than 100 years ago by the emerging profession of social work. Improving the quality of life in postmodern society is as complex a task as it was in the age of industrialism that challenged the founders of social work.

Today, UK College of Social Work alumni are practicing in various settings throughout the word. You are often the unsung heroes in our communities: school social workers helping children and their families; hospice workers serving the terminally ill; youth workers involved with juvenile justice and foster care; hospital and home health social workers comforting the ill and their loved ones; social workers protecting children and vulnerable adults from abuse; and social workers serving the mentally ill.

UK College of Social work alumni demonstrate excellence in the profession through service, teaching, writing, research, program development, administration, advocacy and legislation. Our social work alumni are a front-line force in the future of the profession and strong voices in the community, state and nation.

We hold the College’s alumni in high esteem and we applaud your accomplishments and contributions throughout the country and the world. On behalf of our faculty, staff, and students I thank our alumni for all you do for the advancement of the College and the profession.


James P. Adams, Jr., Ph.D.
Dean and Dorothy A. Miller Professor in Social Work Education