ASK Teens

At the College of Social Work (CoSW), we are dedicated to actualizing our commitment to support adoptive and foster families through rigorous research and cutting-edge programming.
With these families in mind, the CoSW’s Training Resource Center (TRC) and Adoption Support for Kentucky Virtual Interaction Program (ASK-VIP) is launching a new initiative for youth who have experienced adoption. ASK-Teens is a state-wide, virtual support group for adopted teens in high school, ages 14-17.

For more information about ASK-Teens, email,
call 888-44-ASKKY, or text ASKKY to 888-845-0189.

As with all ASK services, ASK-Teens harnesses technology to organize virtual meetings through a secure online platform. Led by an experienced health clinician, group sessions will occur twice a month. At these virtual meetings, teens in the program will be able to share personal experiences without fear of judgment within the confines of a safe space.

Read more about the launch of this new program in the official press release here.

To learn more about ASK-VIP, watch this video! To register to attend a training or support group meeting, click here.