A career in social work offers the opportunity to help groups of people in many different settings. As the only helping profession that emphasizes both human well-being and social justice, social workers strive to empower others to make the changes they desire in their lives and advocate to bring about social change on both individual and community levels.

The social work profession has one of the fastest growing job outlooks in the nation; dedicated professionals make a difference daily in the lives of individuals, families and communities. Our alums work in a variety of settings including schools, hospitals, child welfare, mental health agencies, and social welfare organizations and with a diversity of populations including the elderly, the impoverished, the homeless, veterans and their families, children and adolescents, and refugees and immigrants.

Social workers help communities provide maximum equality of opportunity for all; help vulnerable individuals address their problems and needs more effectively; and seek continually to strengthen and improve the institutional systems responsible for education, justice, health, business, labor, and welfare, so that people are better served.

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Director of Undergraduate Studies

Diane Loeffler, MSW, Ph. D.

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Academic Advisor - Lexington

Katie Wilder, MSW, CSW

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Academic Advisor - Lexington

Jaime Wainscott, MSW, CSW

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Academic Advisor - Southeast Kentucky

Jessica Williamson, MSW

B-325A, Center of Excellence in Rural Health