BASW Program Contacts

Kalea Benner, PhD, MSW, LCSW

Director of Undergraduate Studies
631 Patterson Office Tower

Katie Wilder, MSW, CSW

Academic Advisor – Lexington
607 Patterson Office Tower

Jessica Williamson, MSW

Academic Advisor – Hazard
B-325A, Center of Excellence in Rural Health

Social Justice. Social Work. Social Change.

A career in social work offers the opportunity to help groups of people in many different settings. As the only helping profession that emphasizes both human well-being and social justice, social workers strive to empower others to make the changes they desire in their lives and advocate to bring about social change on both individual and community levels. The program prepares students to become professional social workers through a liberal arts foundation and social work courses that include multiple service opportunities and field placements in social service agencies. Students who achieve high academic standards in the BASW program qualify to apply for the Advanced Standing graduate program which allows for quicker completion of the Masters of Social Work (MSW) degree.