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Hazard Campus – Bachelor of Arts in Social Work

The College of Social Work is pleased to offer an option for students who wish to obtain their BASW in Southeast Kentucky rather than travel to Lexington. In addition to main campus, the College of Social Work Bachelor of Arts in Social Work program is now available at the University of Kentucky Center of Excellence in Rural Health located in Hazard, KY for the convenience of those students from Southeastern Kentucky.

Hazard Application Process:

The deadline to apply for fall enrollment is August 1.

To apply to the University of Kentucky go to http://www.uky.edu/Admission/application, complete the online admission application, and then once that is approved complete the BASW application located at https://socialwork.uky.edu/basw/basw-application-information/.

Please notify Jessica Williamson once your application to the College of Social Work has been submitted.

All applicants are strongly encouraged to contact Jessica to evaluate transcripts and discuss pre-major requirements and UK Core (general education requirements).


  • SW 322 (B grade or higher) or SW 124 (B grade or higher) and SW 222 (B grade or higher)
  • PSY 100
  • SOC 101
  • PS 101
  • BIO 103

Courses available at KCTCS that meet requirements:

  • HMS 101 (B grade or higher)
  • HMS 102 (B grade or higher)
  • SOC 101
  • PSY 110
  • POL 101
  • BIO 112

GPA Requirement:

  • Overall GPA of 2.5


UK’s foreign language requirement for the BASW program is fulfilled by one of the following:

  • Two foreign language courses in high school. High school transcript must be sent to the registrar’s office to obtain course credit.
  • Two college level foreign language courses


The Setting at Hazard

Located in the heart of the eastern Kentucky coal fields, Hazard is about a two-hour drive east and south from Lexington. Classes are held at the UK Center of Excellence in Rural Health. Distance Learning resources (internet and ITV courses among others) are occasionally used. Every resource needed for successful completion of the University of Kentucky College of Social Work BASW program can be found at the Center of Excellence in Rural Health.


Questions regarding the off-campus BASW program should be directed to:

Jessica A. Williamson, MSW
Academic Advisor | College of Social Work
UK Center of Excellence in Rural Health
750 Morton Blvd.
Hazard, KY 41701
(606) – 439 – 3557 ext. 83464