Petition for Consideration of Exception

If you meet all of the criteria except the overall GPA standard required for admission, and your GPA is between 2.25 and 2.49, you may be eligible to request an exception from this requirement. The BASW program requires that students have high intellectual ability and strong motivation. If your past academic performance does not reflect accurately your ability to succeed, you may submit the Petition for Consideration of Exception along with your application.

This Petition for Consideration of Exception is available to students who have experienced academic difficulties of a short duration or due to extenuating circumstances. This petition can be utilized by students who have experienced events that have impacted their academic performance such as: personal illness, trauma or disability, family illness or death, and financial or college adjustment difficulties. In addition, recent semester(s) GPA score(s) need to show substantial academic improvement to clearly demonstrate the ability to meet this standard. If you are eligible to apply, you are encouraged to provide as much specific evidence of your academic abilities, as well as specific steps you plan to take to continue to improve your performance.


If you are eligible to submit this petition, please provide the following information typed on a separate document entitled “Petition for Consideration of Exception” and submit it with your full major application. The following sections must be clearly addressed in this petition:

  • Describe any specific obstacles or circumstances that hindered your past academic achievement.
  • Describe how you overcame, or plan to overcome, these obstacles if you are admitted into the BASW program.
  • Convince the Undergraduate Admissions Committee that you have greater potential for success in your academics than is reflected in your current GPA.