Benefits of the Program:

• Start the MSW program while in the
undergraduate program
• Take MSW bridge courses and electives during
junior and senior years at undergraduate
tuition rates
• MSW courses fulfill BASW social science electives


• 3.5 UK cumulative GPA
• 3.8 social work GPA
• Open to current and future undergraduate students

How to Apply

1. Meet with academic advisor to review eligibility.
2. Submit USP program application and
Graduate School application.
3. The application will be reviewed by the
Graduate School and by the College
Admissions Committee.
4. Once accepted, the student will continue to
work with an advisor to determine the best
degree plan and ensure that students meet

The University Scholars Program (USP) offers students the opportunity and challenge of integrating their undergraduate and graduate courses of study into a single, continuous program leading to both a baccalaureate and master’s degree. The student’s particular requirements will determine the amount of time needed to complete the program, but the two programs can be completed in less time and tuition than that required in a conventional program.

The University Scholars Program allows the College of Social Work to retain the best and brightest students from our BASW program for our MSW graduate program. Students in the BASW program will be eligible to apply following the initial practicum if the criteria of a 3.8 social work GPA and 3.5 UK cumulative GPA are met; application must include a letter of reference from the practicum supervisor.

*Classes include: SW 722 – Psychopathology for SW Practice, SW 724 – Assessment and Treatment, SW 731 – Advanced SW Policy and Analysis, SW 733 – SW Practice with Community and Organizations II, and graduate level electives (with input from advisor, Director of Undergraduate Studies, and Director of Graduate Studies).

Those accepted into the University Scholars program would be allowed to take the bridge courses over the last two semesters with the requirement that the psychopathology course cannot be taken until after SW-460 is successfully completed.