Welcome to the College of Social Work and to our Undergraduate Program website!

The College of Social Work is an amazing place to learn and grow; I’m so excited that you’re exploring the many ways that you can become a part of the College. We offer a phenomenal Bachelor of Arts in Social Work degree, an undergraduate Certificate in Diversity and Inclusivity Awareness, and several electives that are open to UK students from across disciplines. Our college is home to a diverse group of undergraduate students who take classes on both our Lexington and Hazard campuses.

The Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (BASW) is a flexible degree that allows you to enter the profession as a license-eligible Social Worker. Social Work is a fast-growing profession and our BASW provides students with the opportunity to truly engage in and learn about how to affect change within and across systems. Social work professionals work in schools, hospitals, community-based non-profits, state child welfare agencies, city government, faith-based organizations, and higher education, just to name a few. The social work profession has a rich tradition of emphasizing the value and worth of individuals and their experiences and of understanding the complexities of inequity and inequality in the world around us. Social work classes offer a unique lens through which to view individuals, families, communities, and society at large. Our curriculum is focused on social justice, strengths, and solutions. We are committed to social change – and that means that we’re passionate about educating the next generation of social workers who will lead that change process. We have a strong practicum (internship) component to our undergraduate program and we offer opportunities for undergraduates to study abroad and to create strong pathways into graduate education in the profession.

If you are passionate about creating change, you belong in our college. Our professional social work advisors, faculty, and staff are here to help you learn about the profession and find your way. We want you to become engaged in our student organizations, undergraduate research, and community events! We want you to join us in our pursuit of social justice and social change through social work.

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Diane N. Loeffler, PhD, MSW
Director of Undergraduate Studies