Can I drop a class?

You should consult with your academic advisor prior to dropping a class to ensure that it will not significantly alter your graduation plan. Students are responsible for understanding their degree requirements. The APEX degree planner is a great resource for planning classes. You are always welcome to email your advisor with questions. Note that there are deadlines throughout each semester that apply to refunds and last day to withdraw from a class or the University—they can be found on the Academic Calendar:

Do I have to take foreign language courses?

The BASW program’s foreign language requirements are the same as UK’s general admission requirements. If a student took two years of the same foreign language in high school, the requirement is met. If a student did not take two years of the same foreign language in high school, they need to take two semesters of the same foreign language at UK to meet the requirement.

How do I add a minor, double-major, or dual degree in Social Work?

Make an appointment to discuss your options with your academic advisor.

How do I know if I have holds on my account?

In the Student Services tab of myUK, click on myInfo. On the left side, click on “my Stops and Holds”. Health services, parking, libraries, and other campus offices can place holds on your account, and these holds can prevent you from registering for classes. Academic advisors cannot lift holds from other offices or colleges.

How do I make an appointment to meet with my advisor?

Students can either email their advisor to request an appointment, or schedule an appointment through their myUK account under the Appointment Scheduler.

I’m really concerned about my classes, and I need some information about withdrawing. Can you help me?

Speak with your academic advisor as soon as possible—more options are typically available the earlier a student initiates the discussion. Below includes important information regarding withdrawing from a course:

You will receive a W on your transcript as your official grade. It will not be calculated into your GPA, and it cannot be removed from your transcript. There is a date set by the University that establishes how late into the semester you may withdraw from classes through your myUK portal. You can find that date in the academic calendar.

If you miss this deadline, you must petition to your academic advisor for a late withdrawal. You will only qualify for this type of withdraw if the reason you are requesting a late withdrawal from your courses is non-academic (i.e., you or a family member got very sick, death in the family).

You will NOT be able to drop down to 0 hours through the system. You MUST visit the registrar’s office to drop the final hours. REMEMBER: A W is a better grade than an E or F. To find the registrar’s contact info, click HERE.

Who is my advisor?
Lexington BASW students are advised by Katie Wilder ( and Dr. Kalea Benner ( Hazard BASW students are advised by Jessica Williamson (

Campus Resources
How do I find out more information about studying abroad?

Attend a First Steps Information Session in 207 Bradley Hall. Find more information here: Students are encouraged to meet with their advisor to start discussing which courses would be best to take abroad and how this would fall into their graduation plan.

I don’t think I was treated fairly in a course. What can I do?

Please try to resolve the issue with the instructor. If this is not a viable option, the following steps should be taken: Speak to the College of Social Work Director of Undergraduate Studies. If the issue is not satisfactorily addressed, please contact the COSW Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs. If you still feel that the issue has not been adequately resolved, you may contact the UK Academic Ombud to seek resolution.

How do I apply for graduation?

Students are required to file a formal Application for Degree. Undergraduate and Graduate students must apply online through the myUK portal.

The application deadline for undergraduate students is:

May degree – November 30

December degree – June 30

August degree – February 28

The diploma is mailed to the address provided on the Application for Degree. The diploma address is separate from the permanent address and changing one does not update the other.

Information about graduation honors and diplomas can be found at

Information about commencement ceremonies can be found at

When is Commencement? How do I register to walk in Commencement?

Information about commencement ceremonies can be found at UK holds commencement ceremonies in both December and May. August graduates may elect to walk in either ceremony.

Major Changes
Can I change my major to pre-social work even if I haven’t taken a social work course?

Yes; once a student has decided to pursue the BASW degree, they should change their major to pre-social work and set up an appointment with their social work advisor.

How do I change my major to Social Work?

Pick up a major change form from your current college and drop it off in the major change form drop box beside POT 613 under the bulletin board. If you have not already done so, please contact Jaime Wainscott ( or Katie Wilder ( to discuss possible future schedule changes.

When should I apply for the Full Major?

All BASW students enter the College of Social Work as pre-social work majors. Once a student has completed the majority of their UK Core and pre-major requirements, as well as all of the required courses for the full major application, they are welcome to apply to the BASW program. The courses that must be completed prior to submitting an application are: SW 124 + SW 222 OR SW 322 (grade of B or higher), BIO 103, PS 101, PSY 100, and SOC 101. Students must also have a cumulative UK GPA of 2.5 or higher to be admitted to the major. For more information: BASW Application Information.

A class I need is full; what are my options?

For classes outside the College of Social Work, check the course catalog for any additional sections that might have a seat available. If there are none, enroll in a section with a seat on the waitlist. Another option is to contact the instructor of your desired section, and ask if she/he would grant you an override for the course (see below for further instructions if you obtain an override).

For social work courses that are full, check to determine if there is another section available. If there is no other section, email your advisor to determine if a seat can be opened.

How do I obtain an override to take a Social Work class that is full?

Email your academic advisor to request the override.

How does the Course Waitlist Function work?

If a course is full, some courses have an option to get on a waitlist. Use myUK Registration to sign up for a waitlist for a closed class. The course will appear in the Registration System as WAITLISTED with your waitlist number. When a student drops a course, the person in the first position of the waitlist is automatically enrolled and the other students on the waitlist move up one spot.   Once you are enrolled in a waitlisted course, the course status on your schedule will change from WAITLISTED to ENROLLED. If you are on the Waitlist for a course, be sure to check your schedule on myUK periodically to determine if your status for the course has changed. You are responsible for monitoring your status in this course. You may remove yourself from the Waitlist at any time during registration or drop/add by using the Drop function.

To be eligible for a waitlist course you must meet all course prerequisites and pass all restrictions. You cannot waitlist a course that has a time conflict with a course in which you are enrolled, and you cannot waitlist for a different section of a course in which you are already enrolled. You may only waitlist one section per course.

Adding yourself to a waitlist does NOT guarantee the hours to your schedule. You should consider registering for an alternate course in case the waitlist course remains unavailable. You can always drop the alternate course upon being added to the waitlisted course. Please note that enrolled hours plus waitlisted hours may not exceed your credit load limit, and that waitlisted hours do not count toward full-time status. You will remain on the waitlist until you are successfully enrolled in the course, or until the last day to add a class when all waitlists are automatically purged.

How many credits do I need to be enrolled in to have full-time status?

Undergraduate students enrolled in 12 credit hours during the fall and spring semesters are considered full-time students. Enrollment in less than 12 credit hours for a fall semester or a spring semester is considered part-time.

What is the maximum number of credit hours I am allowed to enroll in each semester? How can I get permission to enroll in more than the maximum allowed for a semester?

The maximum credit hours undergraduate students in good standing can enroll in during the Fall and Spring Semesters is 19. The maximum credit hours undergraduate students in good standing can enroll in for Summer Session I is 4 credit hours and for Summer Session II is 9 credit hours. Undergraduate students on probation are limited to 15 credit hours for the fall and spring semesters, 3 credit hours for Summer 1, and 7 credit hours for Summer 2.

To request special permission to take more than the maximum credit hours allowed, please email your academic advisor. Requests are approved or denied on an individual basis by the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

When can I register for classes?

Student registration windows are posted in the myUK portal. Click on the Registration tab. This information can also be found on the Registrar’s website:

Where can I find the Academic Calendar?

The current Academic Calendar can be found on the Registrar’s Website:

Transfer Work
I completed course work at another institution. Where should I have my transcript sent at UK so it can be added to my record?

Submit an official copy of your transcript from a previous institution to UK Admissions. To find out who your Transfer Enrollment Coordinator is, click here.

I currently attend BCTC and intend to transfer to UK to complete my BASW degree. What classes should I take?

You can review the BCTC-UK Pathway to Transfer Guide here. We encourage all BCTC potential transfer students to connect with the Transfer Advisor prior to applying.

I plan to take a class at a different institution and need a Letter of Good Standing from UK. Where can I obtain this?

Good Standing Letters are required to take classes at another institution during the summer or may be required for one semester before returning to UK. They are not given if a stop has been recorded on the student’s records in SAP. It is okay to release a Good Standing Letter if a student is on probation. A GPA of 2.0 or “C” average is needed for a Letter of Good Standing. The Registrar’s Office (Room 10, Funkhouser Building) provides Letters of Good Standing. Additional information can be found here:

University Policies
Can I take a class pass/fail?

BASW students may take their Free Electives with the pass/fail grading option. All other BASW degree requirements must be taken for a letter grade.

What is an Incomplete “I” grade? Am I eligible to receive an Incomplete for a class?

A grade of Incomplete I means that part of the regularly assigned work of the course remains undone. It shall be conferred only when there is significant non-academic reason for failure to complete the course in a timely manner and there is a reasonable possibility that the student can complete the work within the allowable period of time and that a passing grade will result from completion of the work. A grade of I must be replaced by a regular final letter grade not later than 12 months from the end of the academic term in which the I grade was awarded or prior to the student’s graduation, otherwise a grade of E will be assigned.

The social work faculty member responsible for the course must submit an Incomplete Grade Form to the student’s academic advisor that details the work to be completed and time frame for completing the required work. A copy of the form is filed with the student’s academic advisor and added to the student’s record.

What is a Repeat Option? If I took a class over again, must I fill out a form for the Repeat Option to take effect? If so, where do I go to fill out the form, and when do I need to do this? How long will it take to show on my record?

An undergraduate student has the option to repeat once as many as three different completed courses with only the grade, credit hours, and quality points for the second completion used in computing the student’s academic standing and credit for graduation.
Students must fill out the Repeat Option form to have the grade replaced in GPA calculations—it is not an automatic process. Contact your academic advisor to fill out a Repeat Option form. Repeat Option forms must be submitted after the course is completed and you must still be enrolled in classes at UK (it is not possible to fill out the Repeat Option form after you graduate).