The Kentucky Children’s Justice Act (CJA) Task Force is established in accordance with the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (codified at 42 USC 5106c). In essence, the charge of the taskforce is to make policy and training recommendations regarding methods to better handle child and neglect cases, with the expectation that it will result in reduced trauma to the child victim and the victim’s family, while ensuring fairness to the accused.

The current CJA Chair’s tenure will come to a close in June 2021. Thus, the CJA seeks nominations for a new CJA Chair.

The CJA Chair is responsible for guiding and leading the Task Force. The Chair will work with program support staff to conceptualize task force priorities, provide input for meeting agendas, appoint committees/tasks (as needed), and communicate with grantees (as needed).

Officers are elected for a one-year period. Chairs can be re-elected no more than two times. To nominate a chair (or to self-nominate), please complete the form below:

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