College of Social Work Grad Elected to Serve on Lexington Urban County Council

LEXINGTON, Ky. (March 14, 2013) − Shevawn Akers, who has a master of social work degree from the University of Kentucky College of Social Work, has been elected to serve a two-year term on the Lexington Urban County Council.  Akers is one of six elected female members on the council. This is only the second time since the city and county governments merged in 1974 that the 15-member council will have six female members. The last time six women served together was in 1994. Akers said she is the first woman to represent the 2nd District. The council’s female members are Shevawn Akers (2nd District), Diane Lawless (3rd), Jennifer Scutchfield (7th), Jennifer Mossotti (9th), Peggy Henson (11th) and Gorton, an at-large member. Akers, Scutchfield and Mossotti are new to the council, although Mossotti served previously. Other district members sworn in for two-years terms Sunday at The Kentucky Theatre were Chris Ford (1st District), Julian Beard (4th), Bill Farmer (5th), Kevin Stinnett (6th), George Myers (8th), Harry Clarke (10th) and Ed Lane (12th). All but Clarke were incumbents. MEDIA CONTACT: Ann Blackford,; (859) 312-3587. 

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