College of Social Work COVID Syllabus Addendum, FALL 2020

Policies contained within this addendum are specific to the FALL 2020 semester, as the semester is impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in many ways. All students should read and understand the addendum.

1.The University Calendar: has been modified for the FALL 2020 term. Please review the fall calendar here. Some dates to keep in mind include:

  • SEPTEMBER 8 is the last day to drop a class without it appearing on your transcript and it is the last day to change a grading option (e.g. from letter to pass fail, from pass fail to letter)
  • OCTOBER 19 – midterm grading window closes today
  • OCTOBER 26 – last day to withdraw from the University/reduce course load
  • November 1 – last day to file an application for a December 2020 degree (online in myUK)
  • November 3 – Presidential Election, Federal Holiday (no classes)
  • November 18-24 – Dead Week
  • November 24 – Last Day of Classes
  • November 30 – Reading Day, No Classes
  • December 1-4 – Final Exams

2. Absences:

The University Senate has interpreted excused absences for the Fall 2020 semester to include an excuse from required in-person interaction if the student has been directed to self-quarantine by the University, a medical professional, public health professional, or government official. As always, it is important to let your instructor know in advance if you know you will be absent from class.

The College of Social Work takes your health and safety very seriously. Please talk with your instructor if individual circumstances require flexibility or sustained absences due to the pandemic.

 3. Face Covering and Distancing Policy

  • In accordance with University guidelines, students must wear UK-approved face coverings in the classroom and academic buildings (e.g. faculty offices, labs, libraries, studios, and common study areas). If UK-approved face coverings are not worn over the nose and mouth, students will be asked to leave the classroom.
  • Students should complete their daily online wellness screening before accessing university facilities and arriving to class.
  • Students should not move chairs or barriers in classrooms and should socially distance at all times, leaving a six (6) foot radius from other people. Masks and hand sanitizer can be found {specific location in building} if needed.
  • Students should leave enough space when entering and exiting a room. Students should not crowd doorways at the beginning or end of class.
  • The instructor may choose to remove a mask when pedagogically necessary at the front of the classroom and behind a clear barrier. The instructor’s mask will be replaced when it is no longer necessary to have it removed, or when the class meeting is complete.

4. Recording of Classes:

The University of Kentucky Student Code of Conduct defines Invasion of Privacy as using electronic or other devices to make a photographic, audio, or video record of any person without their prior knowledge or consent when such a recording is likely to cause injury or distress.

Meetings of this course may be recorded. All video and audio recordings of lecturers and class meetings, provided by the instructors, are for educational use by students in this class only. They are available only through the Canvas shell for this course and are not to be copied, shared, or redistributed.

As addressed in the Student Code of Conduct, students are expected to follow appropriate university policies and maintain the security of linkblue accounts used to access recorded class materials. Recordings may not be reproduced, shared with those not enrolled in the class, or uploaded to other online environments.

If the instructor or a University of Kentucky office plans any other uses for the recordings, beyond this class, students identifiable in the recordings will be notified to request consent prior to such use. In anticipation of such cases, students may be asked to complete an “authorization of use” form by a faculty member.

Video and audio recordings by students are not permitted during the class unless the student has received prior permission from the instructor. Any sharing, distribution, and or uploading of these recordings outside of the parameters of the class is prohibited. Students with specific recording accommodations approved by the Disability Resource Center should present their official documentation to the instructor.

All content for this course, including handouts, assignments, and lectures are the intellectual property of the instructors and cannot be reproduced or sold without prior permission from the instructors. A student may use the material for reasonable educational and professional purposes extending beyond this class, such as studying for a comprehensive or qualifying examination in a degree program, preparing for a professional or certification examination, or to assist in fulfilling responsibilities at a job or internship.

If you have questions about COVID related absences and policies, please speak to your professor. Additionally, Dr. Diane Loeffler, Director of Undergraduate Studies and Dr. Kalea Benner, Associate Dean/Director of Graduate Studies, are available to discuss policies and procedures. Thank you.