Ashley Kendrick

Implementing Trauma Informed Care Initiatives within Child Welfare: A Best Practice Guide to Preventing Burnout, Trauma, and Mental Health within Child Welfare Organizations

Ashley Kendrick is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Illinois. Ashley has always had a passion for helping others, leading to a career in social work. Ashley attended undergraduate school at the University of Illinois at Chicago and later transferred to Northern Illinois University to attend school with her twin sister. Ashley was involved in several programs and organizations on campus. Ashley obtained a bachelor’s degree in psychology in 2010. Ashley began working in higher education as an academic advisor for TRiO Student Support Services. While advising students on pursuing their degrees, Ashley decided to pursue a master’s degree in social work at Governors State University, graduating in 2013 with Phi Alpha Honors Society.

Over the years, Ashley acquired diverse experience working with children, teens, adults, and families. In addition, Ashley has experience working as a social worker in acute psychiatric facilities, providing acute psychiatric treatment for children, adolescents, and adults, DCFS child welfare, mental health counseling, crisis intervention, public assistance, and healthcare. Ashley has helped clients work through many issues, including self-esteem, anxiety, depression, crisis, trauma, dealing with illness, building healthy relationships, domestic violence, and life stressors. Ashley is employed full-time as a Utilization Manager for behavioral health with Centene Cooperation. In addition, Ashley is self-employed with her private practice Resilient Minds TS LLC, providing mental health counseling.

Ashley is a doctoral candidate at the University of Kentucky pursuing a doctorate in social work. Ashley is interested in trauma, and this interest grew as a former child welfare investigator. Ashley is currently focusing her capstone for her DSW on creating awareness for the trauma that child welfare workers endure. The capstone provides a trauma-informed care approach for child welfare agencies to implement to reduce trauma, burnout, and mental health. Ashley will complete her DSW in May 2023 as the first person in her family with a doctorate. Ashley’s family has supported her, including her parents, siblings, extended family, and friends.