Bailey Parzygnat

Intellectual and Physical Disabilities - Social Inclusion Among Children

Bailey Parzygnat is a certified school social worker and a doctoral candidate of social work. Bailey received a bachelor’s degree in social work and family, health, and disabilities studies from the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater. She then earned her masters of social work with a school emphasis track from Aurora University.

As a doctoral social work candidate Bailey has been focusing on the importance of social inclusion for students with intellectual disabilities. Bringing awareness to the benefits social inclusion brings all students and staff with new program implementation. Bailey is passionate about working with younger individuals who struggle with behavioral regulation and children with intellectual disabilities. As a school social worker, she directly and indirectly, supports children and their families facing social, emotional, and behavioral issues. Bailey proctors transition groups focusing on social and school survival skills and participates in assessment meetings, team meetings, and data tracking. Additionally, she creates and implements individualized functional behavioral interventions, educational plans, 504s, and various rating scales with the children she serves. Bailey has experience working with general and special education students in areas including self-contained classrooms and adjusted learning environments.  Her experience includes crisis intervention with students and working with a team to find the best solution and outcome for the child and their family.