Chris Pablo

Bridging the Gap: Healthcare Access To Medication-Assisted Treatment and the Power of Coalitions

Chris J. Pablo is a licensed clinical social worker in Lexington, KY. Having received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Masters of Social Work from the University of Kentucky, Chris is now a doctoral candidate of the social work class of 2023. Starting his career working with children and families Chris later joined the Lexington VA Healthcare system to serve Veterans. A Marine Corps Veteran, Chris serves as a hospital social worker with the VA assisting Veterans in maintain healthy outcomes and are successful returning to their lives. Chris also serves as a facilitator for the Warrior 2 Soulmate program that teaches Veterans tools to strengthen their intimate relationships. As a member of the LGBTQ+ Pride Support Team Chris also strives to ensure a safe, welcoming, and affirmative environment because the VA serves all who served. After seeing the mental health needs of Veterans and the barriers they face with access to healthcare, Chris expanded his professional career into addiction treatment working at an a addiction and alcohol treatment clinic in the community that provides medication-assisted treatment to those in need. It is from here that Chris recognized the profound impact the opioid epidemic has had on the nation and what that looks in the communities of which we serve. This experience served as the seed for his interest in his capstone project which is focused on improving access to to treatment for those suffering from addiction by targeting healthcare providers with education and training.