Gary Zornes

A New Social Work Leadership Standard: Empathetic Leadership

Gary Zornes is a Doctor of Social Work Candidate and has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for nine years. Currently, Gary practices therapy at Ellie Mental Health in Lexington, KY and specializes in trauma, depression, anxiety, and working with teens and young adults. Gary is also a part-time instructor at the University of Kentucky has taught Applied Research Methods in Social Work.

By focusing on trauma informed and person-centered care Gary has worked with hundreds of individuals by giving them the space to process and heal. Over the years his strengths have led him to manage several programs, teach motivational interviewing, and provide clinical supervision to aspiring clinical social workers. Gary believes that if people are connected to themselves and others they can prosper and works to create healthy connections with clients, supervisees, and co-workers.

Gary has taken this belief of connection and has applied it to his doctoral work focusing on Empathetic Leadership in Social Work practice at the University of Kentucky. This work has been transformative for Gary and has deepened his belief that connection is imperative to quality leadership and positive work outcomes for employees.

Gary is most proud of being a dad to two daughters: Lorelai and Lenix and a husband to his wife Shaina. Gary enjoys traveling with his family and going on adventures. On the weekends, Gary enjoys watching movies, cooking breakfast, and going on long walks.

Gary hopes to continue to grow in his career and aspires to provide CEU trainings, continue teaching, and create a Empathetic Leadership Training for social workers.