Meredith Lange

Strengths-based Case Management with Military Veterans:   Building Protective Factors Against Suicide

Meredith Lange is a Doctoral candidate in the College of Social Work at the University of Kentucky. Meredith’s academic career as a Wildcat began in 1982 when she swam for the inaugural University of Kentucky women’s swim team and completed her bachelor’s degree in social work in May of 1986. Meredith continued her academic career at the University of Kentucky, completing her master’s degree in social work after concentrating on medical social work and supporting people with AIDS.

Meredith began her social work career at an acute physical medicine and rehabilitation hospital in Malvern, PA. Her work surrounded supporting newly injured individuals suffering from an acquired brain injury and facilitating community re-entry. In addition, she became a member of the neuroscience committee at the facility, organizing yearly Neuroscience Summits.

Following the birth of her first child, Meredith began a twenty-year career coaching developmental, age group, senior national, Olympic, and collegiate swimmers. Her work with athletes allowed her to use her social work skills to facilitate the athletes’ mental and physical well-being, providing an environment for present and future success in and out of the water.

Meredith returned to her professional roots as a social work case manager for veterans with traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, or auto-immune diseases. As a case manager, Meredith’s focus was facilitating engagement, connection, and community re-entry among the veterans she supported. Her experience with and passion for our nation’s veterans lead her to apply to the University of Kentucky to pursue a Doctor of Social Work degree in the concentration area of Military Behavioral Health. Meredith will graduate with the DSW class of 2023.