Michelle Echols

The Underutilization of Homeless Resources

Michelle Echols earned her Master of Social Work degree from the University of Kentucky in May of 2022 and is scheduled to graduate with her Doctorate of Social Work in May of 2023. Currently, she is part of a practice development program that allows her to build a private practice as part of a community practice. Michelle’s services include children, co-parenting, substance use, family therapy, supervised visits, and family reunification. As a Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor, she is looking to implement a substance use course/group for the community.

Michelle’s research has revolved around the homeless community, hence her capstone project focusing on the underutilization of homeless resources. This journey has allowed her to identify the gaps in current programming and suggest the implementation of solution-based therapy and a collaborative care modal. In addition to improving homeless services, Michelle is focused on community wellness. As a self-proclaimed “wellness broker” Michelle teaches people how to leverage their time and money to intentionally be well. She does this by utilizing her social media platforms to share prayer, workouts, financial tips, and mental health tips.

Michelle’s future plans include completion of the Doctoral program and opening a wellness center that encompasses the 8 dimensions of wellness. As of now, she has mastered helping people improve 4/8 dimensions and will contract services from other community partners to provide the other 4 (intellectual, environmental, occupational, and social). Until the wellness center is manifested, Michelle will continue participating in workshops and community forums to fulfill her commitment to service.