Olymphia O’Neale-White

Reproductive Healthcare Challenge: Exploring Considerations for Improvement in Social Work Education & Practice

Professor Olymphia O’Neale-White is a wife, public speaker, and proud graduate of North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University. Olymphia entered the field of human services after receiving her Bachelor’s in Sociology. Her curiosity about communities, systems, and policy change led to a vested interest in the Social Work profession, where she attended North Carolina Central University to obtain her Master of Social Work. During this time Olymphia cultivated a passion for consultation, field exploration, and employment services. Olymphia currently works as a clinical military social worker, entrepreneur, and adjunct instructor, teaching at universities across the country. Olymphia continues her professional development as a Doctor of Social Work candidate specializing in Social Work Education with the University of Kentucky. Awarded for her tireless pursuit of equity and cultural sensitivity in practice, Olymphia takes pride in her unwavering efforts to make a change and serve those in her community through education, mentorship, and volunteerism. Presently Olymphia’s research interests include reproductive healthcare in social work education, building generational wealth in the social work profession, infertility among military servicemembers, and improved financial literacy for social work professionals. Olymphia has partnered with prominent institutions and organizations to develop social work students and professionals including but not limited to Black Girls in Social Work LLC, Grady Hospital, Tennessee State University, and North Carolina Central University.