Steven Buchanan

The Shared Decision-Making Model in Substance Use Treatment: Reducing the Stigma of SUD in Treatment Settings

Steven Buchanan received a Bachelor of Arts from Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, OH in 2014 and a Master of Social Work with a focus in Community and Social Development.  Mr. Buchanan is currently a candidate for the Doctor of Social Work at University of Kentucky with focus in clinical practice.

He is currently employed at Spero Health as a clinical counselor, providing substance use and mental health treatment in an integrated care, outpatient setting. His research interests include the neurobiology of addiction as well as reducing stigma in public settings. The focus of his capstone project is on reducing stigma for people with substance use disorders in healthcare settings.

Mr. Buchanan participated in Shawnee State University’s esteemed celebration of scholarship and presented original research on crime in Portsmouth and advocacy efforts on city beautification. He is part of the Phi Alpha Honor Society for Social Work Excellence and received the “Most Outstanding Student” award in 2017, MSW cohort.