Medical Placements

Please review the attached spreadsheet or PDF in order to get an idea of the requirements put forth by our field agency partners. These organizations and institutions frequently require various waivers, non-disclosures, trainings, and proof of insurance before you can begin your practicum studies within their establishments. This list is not exhaustive or comprehensive, so you should be certain to contact someone in the Field Office (Lynn Wallace) should you have questions.

Field Medical Placement Requirements (PDF)

Field Medical Placement Requirements (Excel)

Learning Agreements

Students, below you will find .docx & .doc (Microsoft Word, Libre Office, OpenOffice) formatted Learning Agreements. The College Field Education Office has intentionally left these documents blank and in an editable format so that you may customize them in order to suit your unique practicum experience. Please see the sidebar for contact details should you require assistance.

Situational Awareness Training

All students taking a practicum course are required to complete Situational Awareness Training.  This training is to provide you with an awareness of safety issues that may arise in a practicum placement.  The training must be completed, and the competency quiz taken and passed, BEFORE you start your practicum placement.  This training only needs to be taken one time.  If you have already taken the training, you do NOT have to take it again.

The entire training takes approximately 2 ½ hours.  The training has been broken into 4 modules, so you do not have to view the entire training in one sitting.  After completing the training you must take the competency quiz, and pass the quiz with a minimum grade of 70%.

The instructions for enrolling in the Situational Awareness Training located in Canvas are here: Situational Awareness Training Enrollment Instructions (PDF).

All students must also complete the Safety in Practicum Student Checklist for each practicum placement.  This checklist is to be discussed with your agency field instructor, signed by the field instructor, and turned in to your practicum course professor.

Situational Awareness Enrollment Instructions

Safety in Practicum Student Checklist