The Mission of the Field Education Program is to provide mutually supportive and positive learning environments that cultivate leadership, increase knowledge, refine skills, and strengthen social work values in student interns as they develop proficiency in the social work core competencies.

Preparation for professional practice through practicum internships is an integral and necessary part of social work education. Without our agency partners, the mission of the Field Education Program could not be met.  We greatly appreciate your willingness to join us in preparing future professional social workers.

The agencies selected for practicum internships reflect the diverse settings in which professional social workers are employed.  Through this partnership with community agencies, the right opportunities must be found for student learning at both the Bachelors (BASW) and Masters (MSW) level, assuring that students have a variety of experiences that contribute to the development of the requisite competencies of professional practice.

The agency approval process begins with an Agency Information Profile.  Completion of this web form provides the necessary information to determine if the proposed practicum site meets the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) accreditation requirements.  Once approved, the information will be used to set up an Agency Profile in our Field database to assist the College in determining which students are most suited for any given agency placement.

Field Agency Information Profile

An education affiliation agreement between the University of Kentucky and the practicum placement agency is required by the university and by the College in order to place student interns in an agency. The purpose of the document is to establish an agreement between the university and the agency in regard to their cooperation in the implementation of education experience opportunities for the student. All of our students are covered by professional liability insurance while enrolled in a practicum, and the education affiliation agreement forms the foundation for this coverage. The field office will initiate the education affiliation agreement process with UK’s legal department following submission of the agency information profile, and review and approval by the Director of Field Education.