Students who are interested in completing a practicum at their place of employment must meet the practicum requirements of the College of Social Work and the Council on Social Work Education.  Performance of your regular job duties in a social work employment setting can NOT be counted as practicum hours.  Additionally, the person who serves as your direct supervisor at your place of employment may not also serve as your practicum field instructor.

To request a practicum at your place of employment, you must submit a Field Education/ Employee Application Form (link below).  You must also upload the following supporting documents to this form: (1) a current job description, (2) a description of the proposed field experience with learning objectives, (3) a description of the differences between your current job and the proposed placement, (4) a letter from your employer (immediate supervisor) agreeing to this placement proposal and stating a plan for your current job duties while in the field placement. This application will be processed only if all 4 components are included.

Practicum at the Student’s Place of Employment Form