How Do I Defray the Cost of Doctoral Education?

Most of our Ph.D. students maintain full-time jobs and engage their doctoral studies on a part-time basis. That approach supplies the maximum amount of job security but also greatly decreases the amount of time that you will have for leisure and recreation. If you can maintain a part-time job or otherwise find the time, then teaching an undergraduate class will cancel your tuition and provide health insurance (single policy). In addition, you will receive a cash stipend. This does depend, however, upon the College’s needs, the students’ preparation, and past performance in the class room.

Research assistantships are also a possibility although their availability varies depending upon funded grants. For these assistantships, faculty who wrote the proposal/secured the funding do their own interviewing of interested applicants. Research assistantships can be either half-time or full-time, either 10 or 20 hours per week. The 10 hour per week position pays one-half of one’s tuition, the 20 hours of employment per week provides full tuition plus insurance. Other funding mechanisms for doctoral study include:

Office of Residence Life hires a number of graduate students each year to be Hall Directors and Assistant Hall Directors. Compensation includes a fully furnished apartment, all utilities including cable and Internet access, a yearly stipend that varies depending upon the size of the building, a meal plan, plus the out-of-state portion of tuition is paid. Persons interested in applications with Residence Life should contact Mr. Tony Ralph at 859-257-4784 or e-mail him at

Employment at the University of Kentucky: . Full-time employees are granted 6 hours of free tuition each semester.

Financial Aid: Standard financial aid and other scholarships can be sourced as a supplement to paying for a Ph.D. or doctoral studies.

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