How does the Course Waitlist Function work?

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If a course is full, some courses have an option to get on a waitlist. Use myUK Registration to sign up for a waitlist for a closed class. The course will appear in the Registration System as WAITLISTED with your waitlist number. When a student drops a course, the person in the first position of the waitlist is automatically enrolled and the other students on the waitlist move up one spot.   Once you are enrolled in a waitlisted course, the course status on your schedule will change from WAITLISTED to ENROLLED. If you are on the Waitlist for a course, be sure to check your schedule on myUK periodically to determine if your status for the course has changed. You are responsible for monitoring your status in this course. You may remove yourself from the Waitlist at any time during registration or drop/add by using the Drop function.

To be eligible for a waitlist course you must meet all course prerequisites and pass all restrictions. You cannot waitlist a course that has a time conflict with a course in which you are enrolled, and you cannot waitlist for a different section of a course in which you are already enrolled. You may only waitlist one section per course.

Adding yourself to a waitlist does NOT guarantee the hours to your schedule. You should consider registering for an alternate course in case the waitlist course remains unavailable. You can always drop the alternate course upon being added to the waitlisted course. Please note that enrolled hours plus waitlisted hours may not exceed your credit load limit, and that waitlisted hours do not count toward full-time status. You will remain on the waitlist until you are successfully enrolled in the course, or until the last day to add a class when all waitlists are automatically purged.

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