I’m really concerned about my classes, and I need some information about withdrawing. Can you help me?

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Speak with your academic advisor as soon as possible—more options are typically available the earlier a student initiates the discussion. Below includes important information regarding withdrawing from a course:

You will receive a W on your transcript as your official grade. It will not be calculated into your GPA, and it cannot be removed from your transcript. There is a date set by the University that establishes how late into the semester you may withdraw from classes through your myUK portal. You can find that date in the academic calendar.

If you miss this deadline, you must petition to your academic advisor for a late withdrawal. You will only qualify for this type of withdraw if the reason you are requesting a late withdrawal from your courses is non-academic (i.e., you or a family member got very sick, death in the family).

You will NOT be able to drop down to 0 hours through the system. You MUST visit the registrar’s office to drop the final hours. REMEMBER: A W is a better grade than an E or F. To find the registrar’s contact info, click HERE.

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