Is it required or preferred that PhD applicants to have post MSW experience?

The Doctoral Committee prefers Ph.D. applicants to have post MSW experience.  We want our students to fully understand what it means to be a social worker—the values a social worker must possess, the kind of problems that a social worker faces, a knowledge of how our profession is different from other helping professions, and so on.  Individuals who have had other life or work experiences that might be similar to those situations and settings where social workers are employed are likely to have some of the qualities that the Committee seeks and can be considered for admission.  Also, the Council on Social Work Education requires anyone who teaches social work practice courses in American universities to have two years post-masters experience.  This standard may not apply to international students returning to their own countries. Individuals who have not had two years post-MSW experience can explain their other relevant experience in their autobiographical statement.

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