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5/13/2022 (8:00 PM EDT)

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

Pay Grade13

Salary$3,845.22 Monthly

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Education & Workforce Development Cab | Department of Workforce Investment


333 Waller Ave
Ste 180
Lexington KY 40504 USA

The agency may authorize the selected candidate to telecommute. The candidate may need to report to the office as needed. The agency may terminate or modify the telecommuting arrangement at any time.


The Education and Workforce Development Cabinet’s mission is to educate, prepare and train Kentucky’s current and future workforces. Our goal is to create and make continuous improvements to an education and workforce system that prepares Kentuckians for the 21st century workforce, while helping businesses find the skilled workers they need to compete and create jobs in the Commonwealth.

The Office of Vocational Rehabilitation empowers individuals with disabilities to maximize employment, achieve economic self-sufficiency and independence, and to contribute back to society. We also help businesses and employers recruit, retain and accommodate employees with disabilities.

We are seeking a Voc Rehab Counselor to provide rehabilitation counseling services for individuals who have one or more disabilities who are seeking to prepare for or retain gainful employment.

Key Responsibilities:

Develops Individual Plans for Employment (IPEs)
Collects, evaluates and interprets medical, psychological, vocational and other reports to determine eligibility for services
Assesses consumers to determine the vocational rehabilitation services they need to enter into, or retain employment
Assesses consumer needs for rehabilitation technology
Works to provide information to consumers concerning individual responsibilities and terms for services
Develops and maintains case documentation using the Case Management System (CMS)
Develops referrals, performs basic public relation functions and partners with organizations, schools, physicians, etc. to coordinate services for consumers
Works with employers to perform job development, job analysis and follow-up services to ensure the job placements are consistent with consumers’ unique strengths, abilities and interests, as outlined in Individual Plans for Employment (IPEs)
The Education and Workforce Development Cabinet (EWDC) participates in E-Verify and will provide the federal government with your Form I-9 information to confirm that you are authorized to work in the United States. EWDC will only use E-Verify once you have accepted a job offer and completed the Form I-9.

For more information on E-Verify, or if you believe that EWDC has violated its E-Verify responsibilities, please contact the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) at 999-897-7781 or https://www.e-verify.gov/.

Minimum Requirements

EDUCATION: Graduate of a college or university with a master’s degree in rehabilitation, rehabilitation teaching or therapy, guidance and/or counseling, psychology, sociology, orientation and mobility, social work, special education, education with emphasis in vocational counseling, or a related field.






Substitute EXPERIENCE for EDUCATION: A bachelor’s degree plus two years of professional experience in rehabilitation, rehabilitation teaching or therapy, vocational assessment, employer relations, rehabilitation technology, rehabilitation counseling, vocational evaluation, supported employment, job placement, guidance and/or counseling, psychology, sociology, orientation and mobility, social work, special education, education with emphasis in vocational counseling, customized employment, health studies, human relations, human resources, occupational therapy, physical therapy, school counseling, or a related field will substitute for the required master’s degree.



Working Conditions

Work is performed primarily in an office setting. Occasional travel will be required to coordinate services between customers and the agency.

Probationary Period

This job has an initial and promotional probationary period of 6 months, except as provided in KRS 18A.111.

If you have questions about this advertisement, please contact Megan Collins at Megan.Collins@ky.gov .

To apply for this job please visit kypersonnelcabinet.csod.com.