Private Practice Therapist

Website Mindfully, LLC (Formerly Compass Point Counseling).

Flexible private practice.

Licensed Mental Health Clinician
Cincinnati, OH

At Mindfully, our mission is to promote and provide comprehensive, convenient access
to quality mental health care that is affordable, progressive, and personalized.
We focus on matching clients with providers who specialize in the challenges they are facing,
which helps our clients meet their goals with greater success and our providers find deeper
fulfillment in their work. We also offer a private practice setting while doing the heavy lifting for
you. You became a mental health clinician to make a difference in other people’s lives, not to
manage books, insurance contracts, credentialing, facilities upkeep, and all the other details
that come with running a business.
Our private practice offers autonomy and independence while maintaining a sense of
community, and our Mindfully Academy provides training opportunities in different
modalities and specializations, such as DBT, EMDR, and much more.

Why join our team?
When you join our team, you work with a practice that is invested in your mental, physical, and
financial health. The result is a greater sense of fulfillment in how you practice, more control
over your work/life balance, and stronger results for your clients. We offer the following
 Attractive compensation options for 1099 contractors to work on your own, without all
the hassle
 Full access to our training center with ample opportunities to train, grow, and learn, as
well as paid CEUs
 Flexible schedules
 Client-matching scheduling technology offers a caseload that matches your passions
and expertise
 Empowerment to select what insurances you want to be on
 Regular peer-to-peer case consultation meetings offer support
 Back-office support, small pods to build community, and large built-in network of
clinicians to expand your knowledge, get a quick consult, or just have peace of mind that
you have the support you need
 Clinical teams who practice specific modalities can offer training in various areas of
specific interest, such as DBT, eating disorders, trauma, adolescents, couples, and many
 A greater sense of fulfillment in how you practice, more control over your work/life
balance, and stronger results for your clients
Required qualifications:
 Licensed clinician in the state of Ohio
 Comfortable working in-office (Anderson, OH location)
 Comfortable with part-time 1099 position with the option to go to full-time W2 in the
 $32-$67 per hour for part-time depending on license and experience
You can learn more on our website
Salary Description
$32 – $67 per client hour

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