Molly Bode

Molly Bode

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Started UK doctoral program: 2018

Area of research interest: Primary Interest: Researching the dynamics surrounding the professional regulation/portability of social work practice. Secondary: The regulatory interplay of the child welfare workforce and how that impacts service delivery.

Dissertation chair: Dr. Jay Miller

Working title of dissertation: Examining Interstate Regulatory Barriers to Clinical Social Work: Confused Consensus

Current Position:

I manage the Lantern Alzheimer’s Center of Excellence at Morning Pointe Senior Living. This is a personal-care community that specializes in a person-centered approach to dementia care.


Miller, J., Deck, S., Conley, C., & Bode, M. (2017). Field practicum supervisor perspectives about social work licensing: An exploratory study. The Field Educator.

MSW, Spalding University