The certificate will be available to graduate and post-graduate students from UK and other accredited universities. Eligibility is limited to students who hold, or are pursuing, a graduate degree in the counseling professions. These include Social Work, Family Sciences, Clinical Psychology, and Educational, School and Counseling Psychology. Graduate and post-graduates from other human services disciplines may petition the Advisory Board for acceptance to the certificate. Exceptions will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The board will consider exceptions based on assessment of the applicant’s academic and vocational history. All applicants must apply to the certificate director for admission.

To be considered for admission, students must be in good academic standing, as defined by the University of Kentucky Graduate School. Students must obtain a grade point average of 3.0, or above in certificate-specific coursework in order to successfully complete the certificate.


Credit for Previously Completed Coursework:

Graduate students who complete SW 530 (formerly SW 580, Special Topics: Responding to Military and veteran Populations) and/or FAM 600 (formerly FAM 759) within two years prior to being accepted to the certificate may count this previously completed coursework toward completion of the certificate. However, if substantial changes are made to these courses the board retains the option of requiring students to re-accomplish these courses.

Undergraduate students who complete SW 530 (formerly SW 580) will not be required to repeat the course as graduates if the course was completed within two years of enrolling in the certificate. These students may substitute an additional approved elective to meet the overall credit hour requirements for the certificate.

Application Process:

Students wishing to be enrolled in the Certificate must submit an application to the Certificate Director at least 30 days prior to the beginning of the fall or spring semester for which the student intends to begin related coursework. The advisory board will review applications and inform the applicant of its determination within 30 days of receiving the complete application.

Admission to the certificate is required only for enrollment into SW 738, Independent Work: Military and Veteran Populations. Students may enroll in other related courses whether or not accepted into the certificate.

Acceptance to the Certificate will entail a simple majority vote from the advisory board. All qualified students will be admitted on a first come, first serve basis, until enrollment capacity is met. Enrollment is capped at 10 students per semester. However, the advisory board may allow overrides of this this cap, based on available resources.

Application Material:

Applications will include:

  • Transcripts of all graduate-level coursework completed. Applicants who have completed less than two semesters of graduate-level coursework must also submit an undergraduate transcript from their degree-granting university. [Note: Transcripts from the University of Kentucky are available to the advisory board. Applicants do not need to submit transcripts from UK unless requested by the Advisory board].
  • A 1-3 page essay, describing the applicant’s motivation to increase knowledge of behavioral healthcare for military and veteran populations. The paper should include: 1) discussion of the applicant’s experience with the military and/or military populations. This may include discussion of personal military service and/or discussion of the influence of personal interactions and relationships with service members and veterans. 2) A discussion of how the applicant plans to use knowledge and skills gained to enhance practice with this population.
  • A 3-5 page scholarly paper, describing a psychosocial issue that is particularly salient to military or veteran populations. The paper should include: 1) Relevant background and historical information, 2) Discussion of the specific impact of the identified problem on service members and/or veterans, 3) A summary of efforts to ameliorate the impact of the problem, including description of the success or failure of these efforts, and 4) A discussion of a gap in the current knowledge in this area that limits the effectiveness of intervention efforts. [Students may submit material from previously completed coursework, but papers must be edited, as necessary, to fit the parameters described above.]

The paper must conform to accepted organizational structural standards, such as APA or MLA and all sources must be properly cited. The paper should reference a minimum of 6 scholarly sources.

Application Submission:

Students wishing to apply for admission to the Certificate should send all application material, described above, to Dr. Chris Flaherty, chris.flaherty@uky.edu

Submit all documents in a compressed (zipped) MS Word file folder, labeled with student name and UK ID#. This folder should include:

1) Official transcripts (see discussion above)

2) Personal Essay

3) Scholarly Paper

Individual documents should be in MS Word, or PDF formats.

Students not currently enrolled at UK:

Contact the University of Kentucky Graduate School regarding the admission and enrollment processes. Vivian Bowling, vivian.bowling@uky.edu 859-257-469.