Many students are drawn to the MSW because of the versatility of the degree. Whether your passion is clinical practice with adolescents, non-profit development in rural communities, or something in between, the MSW @ UK sets you up to be successful in your chosen area of the profession.

The uniqueness of social work’s commitment to understanding the interface between the individual and his/her/their environment means that your course of study will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and competencies you need to be a change agent in your chosen area of practice.

At UK we believe in helping each student find the right pathway to professional success. Our MSW curriculum is grounded in the Advanced Generalist model of practice that allows students to select a cognate or certificate pathway or to build an individualized plan of study.


Within the MSW program, students enter either as 60-hour (2 year) students or 30-hour (advanced standing students). 60-hour students complete foundational Generalist Practice Coursework and then matriculate into the Advanced Generalist content. Advanced Standing students begin with the Advanced Generalist courses. At every level, our coursework is focused on preparing the next generation of social work practitioners who are poised to take on complex work with individuals, families, groups, communities, and/or organizations.

The Generalist courses are designed to provide a foundation in social work practice, theory, research, policy, and ethics that prepares you for Advanced coursework. At the Advanced Generalist level, students scaffold on Generalist knowledge, delving deeper into content areas, building expertise for professional practice.

Generalist Coursework at a Glance:

  • SW 600 Practice with Individuals and Families
  • SW 620 Theory in SW Practice/HBSE
  • SW 621 Poverty, Inequality, and Injustice
  • SW 625 Intro to SW: Prof. Beh. & Ethics
  • SW 630 Intro to SW Policy & Services
  • SW 602 Practice with Groups
  • SW 636 SW Practice with Orgs. and Communities I
  • SW 640 Foundational Practicum

Advanced Generalist Coursework at a Glance:

  • SW 722 Psychopathology for SW Practice
  • SW 724 Assessment and Tx Planning in SW
  • SW 731 Advanced SW Policy & Analysis
  • SW 733 Practice with Orgs & Communities II
  • SW 740 Advanced Practicum I
  • SW 741 Advanced Practicum II
  • SW 750 Applied Research Methods in Social Work
  • Electives –9+ credit hours - see cognate/certificate descriptions for more information.