Kenn Hicks

Hicks has worked as a psychiatric social worker at the state’s Department of Mental Health, a licensing program analyst at the Department of Social Services and as a parole agent at the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR). Currently, he is a supervisor for CDCR where he provides oversight to parole agents on custody, community services and community reintegration for adults released from state prison.

Among his accomplishments, is a domestic violence prevention program for parolees instituted by Hicks in 1995. The program’s goal is to protect victims, potential victims and children from violence and to stop the parolee’s cycle of violence. Its success earned him the honor of Parole Agent of the Year 2001.

More recently, Hicks has developed two more programs. His Teen Dating Contract increases awareness of teen dating violence and clearly defines what constitutes physical and emotional abuse. Hicks’ Domestic Violence Batterers and Abusers Boot Camp provides treatment for adult men who learn nonviolent methods and techniques to handle issues within their relationships. He has even published several books and manuals on battling domestic violence, including “Eleven Building Blocks of Domestic Violence Prevention,” “Ten Steps Out of Depression,” “Anger Management Workbook” and “Parolee Batters Prevention Program Manual.”

Outside of program development and publications, Hicks maintains a private practice as an LCSW, is a consultant and speaker on mental health issues and his holistic approach to domestic violence prevention, and founded various organizations to aid the social work practice. Community Care Consultants is a nonprofit agency he established that provides mental health services. The New Social Workers is another nonprofit he founded that provides recreational activities to youth and adults. He also was instrumental in the creation of the National Association of Domestic Violence Facilitators.