Patrick Yewell University of Kentucky College of Social Work Advisory Board

Patrick Yewell

As executive officer for the AOC Department of Family and Juvenile Services in Frankfort, Mr. Yewell oversees court programs designed to help children and families through outreach, prevention, education and diversion. The department administers the Court Designated Worker program, Citizen Foster Care Review Board, Kentucky Court Improvement Project, Guardian ad Litem program and law-related education programs. Prior to joining the AOC, Yewell served as a state child protective services worker in the Executive Branch and moved up the ranks to become a supervisor and mentor to other CPS workers. From 1986 to 1994, he was a Family Services Office supervisor for the Cabinet for Human Resources (now known as the Cabinet for Health and Family Services). While there, he created programs for young people, including the first adolescent parenting class and the first juvenile sex offender program in Fayette County. Yewell was previously recognized for his efforts in the area of social work when the state Cabinet for Health and Family Services gave him the Paul T. Grannis Award in 1989. The award is the cabinet’s top honor for its social workers.