We are steadfastly committed to funding our PhD students. Funding availability varies from year to year and fully funded positions are contingent upon available monies.

Funded positions for PhD students most often comprise of Teaching Assistantships (TA) or Research Assistantships (RA) that include a stipend, tuition reimbursement and health insurance. Funded teaching and research assistantships are available on a competitive basis.

College-wide scholarships are also another funding option for PhD students.

Fellowships are non-service awards made to students to assist in the pursuit of an advanced degree. This award includes a monthly stipend and typically covers tuition costs. Fellowships are awarded by The Graduate School on a university-wide competitive basis. The Director of Graduate Studies (Dr. Kalea Benner) is responsible for nominating students for these awards to the graduate school. However, a few fellowships are open by self-nomination. Consult the Graduate School’s website for more information.

The University of Kentucky Graduate Student Congress also has travel and research awards for graduate students.

If you are interested in speaking about funding opportunities, please contact the Doctoral Program Director, Dr. Natalie Pope