Opportunities for Faculty-Student Collaboration

There are numerous ways that a student can interact with faculty outside of the classroom. You can, for instance, engage in research with a faculty member or work along side faculty members in the University’s specialized research centers. All of the “cutting edge” UK centers listed below have employed social work students either as staff or graduate assistants.

Training Resource Center

The University of Kentucky Training Resource Center (UK TRC) has eighteen years of experience designing and implementing child welfare training, evaluation, and service programs across the state. UK TRC staff and associated faculty administer, implement, and support numerous child welfare programs, each of which brings best practices to human service providers and foster and adoptive parents.

Center on Drug and Alcohol Research (CDAR)

CDAR conducts research into the biological, psychological, sociopolitical, and clinical aspects of substance abuse and also provides consultation services to public agencies and state and local government. Dr. Carl Leukefeld is the director of this nationally prominent center.

This is not a complete listing of all the research centers found at the University of Kentucky but only reflects those where social work doctoral students and social work faculty have been most involved. Other prominent centers include:

Center for Research on Violence Against Women

Center for Poverty Research

Interdisciplinary Human Development Institute