Shawndaya Thrasher

Shawndaya Thrasher

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2016 Cohort;

Research interest: perceptions of bullying among African-American parents and youth; risk and preventative factors associated with bullying among African-American youth

Dissertation chair: Dr. Jay Miller

Mentors: Dr. Jay Miller, Dr. Royse, Dr. Biermann

Teaching Experience:

SW 444/445: Undergraduate Practicum (Fall 2018, Spring 2019)

SW 450: Social Work Research (Spring 2017; Fall 2017; Spring 2018)


Miller, J., Benner, K., Thrasher, S., Pope, N., Duma, T., Damron, L., Segress, M., Slone, M., &   Chunling, N. (2017). Planning a mentorship initiative for foster parents: Does gender matter. Evaluation and Program Planning, 64, 78-84. doi:

Miller, J., Benner, K., Pope, N., Duma, T., Damron, L., Segress, M., Slone, M., Thrasher, S., & Chunling, N. (2017). Conceptualizing effective foster parent mentor programs: A participatory planning process. Children and Youth Services Review, 73(C), 411-418. doi:10.1016/j.childyouth.2017.01.004

Miller, J., Sauer, C., Bowman, K., Thrasher, S., Benner, K., Segress, M., & Niu, C. (2018).   Conceptualizing adoptive parent support groups: A mixed-method process. Adoption Quarterly 21(1), 41-57. doi:10.1080/10926755.2017.1387210

Grants/ Awards:

Co-I. (2016). Proposal to explore the pathways to homelessness for older men in Louisville, KY. (UK College of Social Work Pilot Grant Award, $9,162)


Thrasher, S. & Cassetty, C. L. (2018, November) Are neighborhoods breeding grounds for bullies? A social ecological perspective. (Poster). Council of Social Work Education Annual Program Meeting. Orlando, FL.

Miller, J. J., Collins-Camargo, C., & Thrasher, S. (2017, October). Exploring the university partnership model for child welfare citizen review panels: A research brief (Poster). Council of Social Work Education. Dallas, TX.

Cassetty, C. L., Thrasher, S. & Liu, Y. (2017, April). Increasing the use of telehospice:  Overcoming barriers in Kentucky (Workshop). Kentucky Association of Social Worker Educators, Richmond, KY.

MSW:  University of Georgia