Should I borrow more money to attend graduate school?

Even though acquiring student loans is a relatively simple way to finance graduate school, each student should carefully weigh the burden of additional debt. Here are some important points to ponder: 1) social work salaries (even with a MSW) often are not large enough to provide a comfortable standard of living when you are saddled with a large student loan debt; realistically examine your monthly payments, your expected income, and living expenses; 2) a large debt may prevent you from being able to purchase a house of your own until the loan amount is paid down; 3) a large debt can present problems if you want to quit working in order to raise a family or if you become ill or disabled. Another alternative is to seek employment that allows you the flexibility to attend classes while paying a wage. For instance, you might want to seek full-time employment at the University of Kentucky (see the web-page: ). Full time employees can take 6 hours of classes each semester tuition-free.

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