Social Work Major Change Walk In Advising

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“I really want to make a difference.”

“I want to help people.”

Those two sentiments are the themes I hear time and time again during advising appointments with exploratory students. A career in social work offers the opportunity to help groups of people and communities in many different settings.

Children. Families. Hospitals. Mental health agencies. Substance abuse treatment. Criminal justice. Veterans and military families. Child welfare. Non-profit management. Gerontology. Yep, social workers work in those settings and beyond. Social workers are the largest provider of mental health care in the country. They make meaningful contributions to advocate and bring about social change on both individual and community levels.

The social work profession has one of the fastest growing job outlooks in the nation. Professional licensure is available for both BASW and MSW graduates.

Have you considered pursuing a degree in social work? Are you interested in learning more about majoring in social work? We’d love to meet with you and chat about your options this week!

We are hosting Social Work Major Change Walk In Advising on Friday, September 9th for all students that would like to learn more about the Bachelor of Arts in Social Work program, course requirements, and the profession in general.

Social Work Major Change Walk In Advising

Friday, September 9

College of Social Work, 6th floor POT

10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

The Director of Undergraduate Studies, undergraduate advisors, and student ambassadors will be available to answer questions about the social work profession, related courses, and map out tentative graduation plans for prospective major changes. Free snacks and giveaways!

If you are not able to stop by on Friday, please feel free to email us with questions or to set up a time to meet.