Social Work Undergraduate Student Receives Oswald Award

Social Work Undergraduate Student Receives Oswald Award

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (Feb. 2, 2017) ‒ Fourteen University of Kentucky undergraduate students — one sophomore, two juniors and 11 seniors — were recently awarded with Oswald Research and Creativity Program awards by the Office of Undergraduate Research.

Students submitted research posters in six categories — Biological Sciences; Design, including architecture, landscape architecture and interior design; Fine Arts, including film, music, photography, painting and sculpture; Humanities, from creative and critical-research approaches; Physical and Engineering Sciences; and Social Sciences. Winners in each category received $350; second place finishers received $200.

The 2017 winners were:


Social Sciences

First Place: Martha Tillson, a junior majoring in social work and psychology

Project Title: “Age of first arrest, sex, and drug use as correlates of high risk drug use in adulthood among rural women in jails”


By Gail Hairston

Article originally appeared in UKNow on February 2nd, 2017.

Martha Tillson, a senior in the College of Social Work BASW, presented her award-winning research at the 2017 University of Kentucky Undergraduate Research Conference. In April 2017, Ms. Tillson presented a second paper entitled “Early risk behaviors as indicators of rural women’s high-risk drug use” at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research in Memphis, Tennessee.