UK Students Compete in Clarion Competition

LEXINGTON, Ky. (March 4, 2011) — University of Kentucky students representing the colleges of Health Sciences, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Public Health and Social Work will participate in the UK campus’s Clarion Competition.. The winners of the campus competition will represent UK at the National Clarion Competition in Minneapolis in April. The Clarion competition enables students to achieve a 360-degree perspective on patient safety in today’s health care system and how it might be improved. The point of the competition is to take a systems approach to a hypothetical case scenario in which the health system failed and analyze what went wrong by creating a root cause analysis. Teams demonstrate how to improve the system by utilizing each student’s particular health discipline-related perspective. The final analysis is presented to a team of interprofessional judges that evaluate their analysis in the context of real world standard practice. The teams will be judged on presentation content, presentation style and a Q&A. The students, selected by UK faculty mentors, include:
College of Health Sciences: Tad Pedley and Nicole Ruble
College of Medicine: Keri Borden, Nyrene Haque, Sean Stokes and Alexander Whitehead
College of Nursing: Amanda Green-Hunter and Sue McFarlan
College of Pharmacy: Christopher Case and Lauren Willis
College of Public Health: Amit Arbune, Emmanuel Jadhav, Dana Thomas, Carrie Reschka, Jessalyn Ubellacker and Jessica Wehle
College of Social Work: Gregory Osterhout The Clarion competition is a collaboration among the UK Health Professions Colleges and the Center for Interprofessional HealthCare Education, Research and Practice. It empowers health care professional students to work together to build a better health care system and strives to improve patient safety and the quality of care through the promotion and development of interprofessional leadership, teamwork and communication. The campus competition will be held on March 10, 5:30 p.m. in room 014 of the Charles T. Wethington building. The competition is free and open to faculty students and staff.

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