Why should I choose UK’s Ph.D. program in social work over other schools?

UK’s doctoral program in social work is different from some of the other large state universities in that we are a small program, accepting between 4 to 6 doctoral students a year, so you’ll get individual attention and advice. The Program Director will be your advisor for the first year. Later, after a couple of semesters under your belt, you can choose a faculty member with whom you are well-matched in terms of research interest. The Associate Dean and the Program Director work closely together to assist you in obtaining valuable teaching experience and teaching assistantships. If you want to teach, there are opportunities. Another advantage is that the program is designed for the part-time student. This allows those who have responsible positions to continue their education without sacrificing income needed for their families. All of the required doctoral classes are taught on Fridays, so if you can work a three or four day week for your employer, you can still take two classes a semester in the doctoral program. This part-time model allows us to individualize some of the student’s educational experience. You decide if you want to work on a research project during the summer, for instance. This model does not require you to move through the program lock-step. Some students, because of family or employment obligations, go through the program slowly and take five or six years to finish. Lastly, the University of Kentucky has among its faculty nationally and internationally known researchers. Our doctoral students have obtained positions or research assistantships with the Center for Drug and Alcohol Research, the Training Resource Center (with a focus on foster care/adoption and child welfare), the Center for the Study of Violence Against Children as well as other institutes and research centers at the University.

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