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KIN VIP Support Group Facilitator

Get to Know Judy

My name is Judy Russell.  I grew up in Richmond, KY and was raised by my great-grandmother.  I was an infant when she became my caregiver at 70 years old.  In my mid 20’s I became the kinship caregiver to my sister’s three children, who I eventually adopted.  In my career, I worked for the Department for Community Based Services for 12 years in child welfare and adult protective services.  After this, I worked at a high school for 10 years as a school social worker and worked with teens who were struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, and school attendance.  I currently work at an elementary school providing mental health counseling supports to children.  I know many of the struggles and dilemmas that are faced as a kinship caregiver, but I also know firsthand how important it is to the children you care for.  I hope that my experiences in my personal and professional life can benefit others as they provide support to the children in their care.