Let’s face it: working in academe can be challenging. Research suggest that university faculty and staff, in general, may experience high levels of stress and occupational burnout. These problematic circumstances may be compounded for females, junior faculty, and under-represented faculty/staff groups.

Consistent with Dean Miller’s vision to make the College of Social Work (CoSW) an ideal place to be educated, employed, and engaged, CoSW instituted a college-wide Wellness Initiative in 2019.

The overarching goal of the CoSW Wellness Initiative, which is supported by the Office of the Dean, is profoundly simple: To support faculty/staff in practicing self-care and wellness, no matter how they define it.

Wellness Initiative activities are guided by the Wellness Advisory Group, a constellation of faculty and staff tasked with collecting and synthesizing information related to addressing wellness issues for CoSW.

At present, wellness activities include, but are not limited to:

  • CoSW Wellness Grants to support innovative ideas emanating from faculty/staff;
  • Structured wellness activities that occur both at and outside the office;
  • Team-building wellness activities;
  • Self-care consults and coaching; and,
  • Annual reviews and wellness assessments for CoSW faculty/staff.