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Welcome to the College of Social Work's Student Support Engagement and Experience (SEE) Hub!

Here, you’ll discover a variety of student organizations representing diverse interests and passions, along with an up-to-date calendar of events in the College of Social Work. Utilize student resources to best support your college and professional career, as well as your personal life. Whether you’re seeking academic support, forging social connections, navigating the complexities of emotional well-being, maintaining your physical wellness, or laying the foundation for your future career, we have you covered.

If you ever need assistance to be uniquely tailored to your needs, check below for what options are available, or contact us so that we may try and best serve you. Tap into the resources you need that CoSW offers throughout your college journey and ensure your future success.

SEE Resources


Our advisors are wholeheartedly committed to your success. In addition to supporting your academic goals, advisors can help you plan or change your class schedule, navigate course requirements, explore career plans, and more.

Robert E. Hemenway Writing Center

Receive personalized writing assistance at the Robert E. Hemenway Writing Center, available for all stages of the writing process. 

Statistics Tutoring Center (STC)

STC provides free tutoring for students enrolled in STA 210 and STA 296 from graduate students currently teaching or assisting in these classes. 


Access free tutoring at Mathskeller for 100-level math courses, MA213, and MA214, without needing an appointment. 

Transformative Learning (TL)

TL is a centralized student support unit – a student’s one-stop shop for on-campus academic resources. 

The Study (Peer Tutoring Program)

The Study is a peer tutoring program that provides free, drop-in, peer tutoring for man 100 and 200 level courses in math, science, and business. 

PresentationU (Speaking and Writing Center)

Get peer tutoring for communication and composition tasks in any course, covering research papers, essays, presentations, technology and more at Presentation U. 

Tutoring and Academic Resources

A variety of free tutoring and coaching resources available for all students across the University.

Veterans Resource Center

Supporting and advocating for veteran and military-connected students through fostering community, assisting with college transitions, and processing GI Bill certification. 

Student Organizations and Activities

Join clubs, attend events, volunteer, participate in research, take group fitness classes, and explore a variety of involvement opportunities at UK. 

Student Organizations in CoSW

The National Association of Black Social Works is an international organization that is committed to enhancing the quality of life and empowering people of African ancestry through advocacy, human services delivery, and research. The ABSW-UK Chapter is comprised of students from all CoSW degree programs and other disciplines from UK and surrounding colleges.

Contact at: 

Co-Presidents: Ryley Butler Modaff and Alex Williams

Follow SWA on Instagram: universityofkyswa

Social Work Association at the University of Kentucky is a student-led organization that aims to promote social justice while providing community service, opportunities for continuing education, and developing students as professional social workers. Their slogan: Make Friends! Make a Difference!

Must meet academic eligibility criteria.

Phi Alpha is a national honor society that fosters high standards of education for social workers and invites into membership those who have attained excellence in scholarship and achievement in social work.

The Doctor of Social Work Student Community (DSWSC) was developed to bring together students across the cohorts enrolled and active in the Doctor of Social Work degree at the University of Kentucky. The DSWSC serves as an opportunity to develop relationships and connection between DSW students. Additionally, the DSWSC offers opportunities for engagement in social justice and advocacy opportunities, leadership, informal mentor/mentee relationships and sharing of information and support!

Contact – Karen Magruder –

Contact – Kathy Clark –

Triage, Referral, Assistance and Crisis Support (TRACS)

TRACS offers direct clinical and referral support for various mental health needs and crises, both in-person and virtually. 

Center for Student Support and Intervention (CSI)

UK CSI provides comprehensive support to distressed students, connecting them to campus and community resources for well-being and success. 

Dean of Students

The Dean of Students office fosters positive student behavior through engaging programs, activities, and services. 

Counseling Center

Mental health services, including individual and group therapy, available in Kentucky. Case managers assist those outside Kentucky in connecting with local mental health services. 

Talk Space

Talk Space provides students with 2 live sessions/month and unlimited asynchronous messaging with therapists in all 50 states, even for students abroad, free of charge. 


Mindfulness and meditation app that features services such as guided meditations, sleep podcasts, curated playlists, workouts, free year-long subscription to all students.

Disability Resource Center

Partnering with qualified students with disabilities to assist them in gaining equal access to institutional programs and services consistent with their unique needs.

Violence Intervention and Prevention (VIP) Center

The UK VIP Center aims to create safe spaces for people to be heard while working to speak for those who have been silenced. 

Prevention, Outreach and Wellness Education Resources (POWER)

POWER provides inclusive and innovative health promotion programs and resources that promote physical, mental, and social health.

Big Blue Pantry

The Big Blue Pantry is open to any University of Kentucky student with a valid UK ID experiencing food insecurity or hunger. 

Financial Ombud

Financial Ombud Services assists students facing financial difficulties after consulting their University of Kentucky financial aid counselor. They provide personalized help with tuition and fee payments. 

Campus Recreation

Campus Recreation offers a variety of quality recreation programs and services to support student success and well-being, including in-person and virtual group fitness and personal training. 

Wildcat Wardrobe

Wildcat Wardrobe is a career closet helping students access professional attire for job interviews, internships, and post-graduation opportunities, reducing the financial burden. 

Stuckert Career Center

The Stuckert Career Center provides comprehensive career development programming, resources, and services for students and new graduates. 

CoSW Alumni Mentoring Program

The SWAA Alumni-Student Mentoring Program connects current College of Social Work students with alumni to foster meaningful one-on-one relationships. 

Field Education

Field education, a vital aspect of social work education, allows students to apply classroom knowledge in real-world settings. This hands-on experience equips students with practical skills for the evolving social work field. 

CoSW Job Board

The College of Social Work hosts a job board where both internal and external organizations post job openings. Keep an eye out for new career opportunities. 

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