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Director of Centers & Labs. Executive Director, Training Resource Center
Coldstream Research Campus

Areas of Expertise

  • Program Development & Implementation
  • Child Welfare
  • Multidisciplinary Research
  • Strategic Planning
  • Operational Management
  • Strategic Management and Administration

Highlighted Publications

  • Miller, J., Cooley, M., Segress, M., Niu, C., Bowman, K., Fletcher, J., & Littrell, L**. (2019). Support, information seeking, and homophily in a virtual support group for adoptive parents: Impact on perceived empathy. Child and Youth Services Review, 101, 151 – 156.
  • Miller, J., Benner, K., Donohue-Dioh, J., Segress, M., & Moody, S. (2018). Supporting collegiate foster youth and alumni: A mixed-method planning approach for higher education. Evaluation and Program Planning: The International Journal.
  • Miller, J., Niu, C., Sauer, C., Bowman, K., Segress, M., & Benner, K. (2018). Foster parents’ knowledge of child trauma: An exploratory study. Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment, and Trauma.
  • Miller, J., Sauer, C., Bowman, K., Thrasher, S. Benner, K., Segress, M., & Niu, C. (2018). Conceptualizing adoptive parent support groups: A mixed-method process. Adoption Quarterly, 1, 41-57.
  • Miller, J., Benner, K., Pope, N., Dumas, T., Damron, J., Segress, M., & Thrasher, S, & Niu, C. (2017). Planning a foster parent mentor program: Does gender matter? Evaluation and Program Planning: The International Journal, 64, 78-84.
  • Miller, J., Benner, K., Pope, N., Dumas, T., Damron, J., Segress, M., Sloan, M., Thrasher, S, & Niu, C. (2017). Conceptualizing effective foster parent mentor programs: A participatory planning process. Child and Family Services Review, 73, 411-418.

Current Projects

  • Adoption Support for KY (ASK)
  • Citizens Review Panels (CRP)
  • Foster Parent Mentor Program
  • Foster Parent Training Program
  • Medically Complex Training Program
  • Office of Child Welfare Evaluation. Support, and Technology (OCWEST)
  • KY Kinship Navigation, Information, and Supports (KY-KINS)
  • KINS-VIP Sobriety Treatment and Recovery Teams (START)
  • Credit for Learning (CFL)
  • Critical Incident Review Support (CIRS)
  • Spanish Translation for Foster Care Training
  • Children’s Justice Act (CJA)
  • Task Force Community Process Assessment (CPA)
  • Fostering Success-Employment Initiative
  • Self-Care Initiative
  • Tracking Transitions: Efficient Data Monitoring Department for Juvenile Justice
  • CoSW Supervision Collaboration
  • AOT Evaluation
  • Public Child Welfare Certification Program (PCWCP)

Alma Mater

  • University of Kentucky