College Directory



Program Coordinator II
Coldstream Research Campus

Areas of Expertise

  • Working with children and families in a therapeutic setting
  • Kinship care and foster care
  • Youth and family intervention involving crisis response, education, and treatment oversight
  • Developing youth and family-focused programs

Alma Mater

  • Eastern Illinois University – Master of Education, Bachelor of Psychology

Get to Know Sheila

Sheila enjoys baking, landscaping, reading, and crafting. She believes that life is about relating to others and being in supportive relationships with other people. To Sheila, the key to truly enjoying life is to enjoy the people we surround ourselves with, smile a lot, laugh as often as we can, and find the good in each day. By focusing on the people and tasks that we enjoy and supporting others, Sheila argues, we can have a dramatic effect on the lives of others.